Sculpted Block

Sculpted Block 1

The project proposed at an international architecture competition for the city of Lancy, Switzerland is conceived as a sculptural volume carved out of white concrete that corresponds to the building requirements and which also sensitively responds to its surroundings. The variety of levels and shapes of the structure enhance moments of curiosity and invite the city’s residents to engage with their new public center.

LoT_SCULPTED BLOCK_exterior front


The project is conceived as a sculptural volume that corresponds to the stated building requirements and sensitively responds to its surroundings. A carved volume out of white concrete absorbs the routes of public movement allowing the unique form to surprise and intrigue the passer-by. The variety of levels and shapes of the overall structure enhances these moments of curiosity and invites the city’s residents to engage their new public center.

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Sculpted Block 7

The volume, sculpted from three corners, creates distinct spaces that vary in their level of privacy. Each volumetric gesture corresponds to a different aspect of public movement and attempts to contribute to the hospitable nature of the building. The main foyer is accessible from both the main street, via a funnel opening, and the revitalized back alley. The multipurpose hall is in visual and physical continuity with the foyer, allowing it to expand outward during large events. The addition of an outdoor amphitheater, located over an existing underground parking facility, further extends the event space, connecting it to the communal exterior courtyard. The courtyard, while holding a strong relationship and dialogue with the main building, can also be experienced as an independent space. It can be transformed into a playground, a temporary gallery, an outdoor cinema, a lecture hall, or an event space.

Sculpted Block 8


 Visitors entering either from the narrow entry passage along the street or the large glass doors in the courtyard arrive at the foyer. From the foyer, a stair leads upward to the second floor where workshops, music rooms, and offices are located. Upon arriving on the second floor, the public balcony with its views to the foyer, courtyard, and street is accessible. A glass partition allows staff to monitor activity in these communal spaces from their desks. The building terminates at the third floor with a cantilever that creates a covered area below, protected from the elements. It houses additional workshops and offers a large terrace with framed views back towards the city. A fitting conclusion for a building produced by its contextual environments.  



Architect: LoT

Project Team: Leonidas Trampoukis (Partner in charge), Eleni Petaloti, Brandon Maldonado (project leader)
Renderings: Phormin
Commissioner: City of Lancy, Republic and Canton of Geneva
Site Area: 1035 m²
Site Coverage: 432 m²
Total Built Area: 972 m²
Project Year : 2013
Status: Competition Entry