AS67 Student Housing

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AS67 was nominated for the PIRANESI AWARD 2013.
An eight-story residential building built in the 1950s and abandoned for years was transformed into a lively urban student residence. Accommodating 62 people, the project includes an entrance lobby, gym, laundry facilities, and a communal roof terrace overlooking the city of Thessaloniki.

67 Agias Sofias Street is an eight-story residential building, built in the 1950’s, that has been abandoned for many years.


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LoT was selected to transform it into a student housing residence to accommodate 62 single bed units, an entrance lobby, gym and laundry facilities, and a communal roof terrace area. 

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The renovation completed in August 2011 makes use of two materials, painted steel plates and translucent reinforced glass, combined in harmony to contrast the fussiness and complexity of the surrounding built environment. In the interior extensive use of color and graphics create joyful living conditions for the students.




The game of light and shadow is gradually revealing parts of the interior program as the day progresses. By opening and closing the flexible translucent or solid shutter panels one can control the levels of privacy and light and at the same time transform the way of experiencing the building from the lower street level. 

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Architect: LoT
Project Team: Leonidas Trampoukis (partner in charge), Eleni Petaloti, Eleni Kourkouli, Brandon Maldonado
Total built area: 2200m²
Project Year: 2011
Photo credits: George Messaritakis