Mykonos Beach Club

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Nestled on the world-class island destination of Mykonos, Greece, the Beach Club is a combination champagne bar, private beach club, and gourmet restaurant. Opened in June 2013,  is conceived as a space imbued with the traditional hospitality-minded culture of Greece and sensual mystique of Mykonos while catering to contemporary indulgences of the pleasure-seeking individual. 

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LoT’s design of the space was comprehensive, including custom furnishings, larger constructions of wood and steel framing, and spatial organization. By focusing on the themes of unyielding hospitality and service, lightness and openness, and timeless understated elegance, the design is both inherently contemporary and fundamentally contextual.

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The outdoor upscale beach club taps into the island’s rich cultural heritage and epitomizes the ideals of Greece by offering a service-oriented space without the gaudy opulence that has become common on the island. LoT’s design harkens back to Mykonos’s heyday of the 1970s, when the island’s distant location and uniqueness created an atmosphere of genuine character rather than pretentiousness. LoT stripped the beach club typology of its artificial embellishments, and in doing so, rediscovered the essential Greek spirit. 

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Able to accommodate up to 250 people in its 1100 square meter the Beach Club is comprised of main areas for poolside lounging and covered fine dining as well as free-standing structures for more specific functions. Continuity is achieved through spatial, visual, and tactile considerations, namely white furnishings with clean lines, a sleek overhead lighting system, and lightweight permeable boundaries.

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Porous boundary conditions define soft volumes throughout the space. A perimeter wall becomes a partially transparent enclosure of thin white wood slats and clear glass. Overhead a delicate system of crossing wires with glowing spherical bulbs creates a sense of interiority. White wooden slats form soft curves surrounding free-standing structures, allowing air flow and visual transparency, and in the champagne room, creating a unique display piece. In the open-air restaurant that flanks the lounge area, patrons dine on fresh seafood under a bamboo canopy situated on patios differentiated by a series of potted bamboo plants, all of which creates a visual filter while still allowing a diffusion of light and sound.
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Architect: LoT
Project Team: Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti
Associate Architect : Anastasia Choli
Lighting Design: m.a.P. Studio – Artemis Papadatou
Photography : George Messaritakis
Total Built Area: 1100 m2
Project Year : 2013