With an intensified sense of hospitality, this summer house focuses on the idea of communal living through a typological layout that encourages common activities. The program is developed in four equally sized volumes, perimetrically organized through a central square with an immersed, built in, seating and communal table.



LoT_KHouse_Section 2


In a complementary relationship with the space, kitchen is open, with the option of opening and closing on demand through a huge sliding door. Moreover, the autonomous articulation of the buildings secures the necessary privacy for relaxation in the bedroom and dormitories.

LoT_KHouse_01 140717_KHouse_DS.3dm

Wooden doors open in an interdepartmental way, filtering selectively the light levels. Volumes are placed on a polygonal slab that highlights the circulation of space and sits harmoniously on the wild topography of the island, subsiding at the areas of entrance and shared bathroom. The cantilever leans to the side of the sea, revealing the rich natural landscape, which is mirrored on the interior of the building through the presence of a reflecting pool.


Architect: LoT
Project Team: LoT: Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Dimitris Spyropoulos
Renderings: LoT
Commissioner: Private client
Total Built Area: 150 m²
Project Year: 2015-
Status: in progress