A 500 sq.m. vacation house on the island of Kea is a semi-underground composition of white washed volumes with carved out exterior spaces as an extension of the interior.

Beacons of Chinatown

Beacons of Chinatown is a project for a new gateway to Chinatown, illuminating and marking the beginning of New York’s most vibrant district.

Tampere Art Museum

Conceived as an extension of Tampere’s art museum, the new addition creates an interplay between inside and outside in a narrative exploration of the artworks.


A summer house focuses on the idea of communal living through a typological layout that encourages common activities.

Bamiyan Cultural Center

A proposal for the new cultural center building, measuring 2500 m², conceived as an iconic landmark of bold presence, a contemporary acropolis for Bamiyan Valley.


An entry for an international competition for the National Gallery of Budapest, the museum building complex is conceived as a monolithic pavilion blends classical references with contemporary abstract forms.


To house a private collection of contemporary art, LoT’s proposal in the center of Berlin uses simple gestures and a contemporary aesthetic.
A single sheet of stainless steel forms the facade that defines the gallery’s only two necessary elements: an access point and a natural light source.

Cubic housing

Cubic Housing is a 6470m² residential complex that won the Best Project of the Year at DOMES 2012, initiated from an abstract gesture, the project aimed to define a clear urban perimeter in contrast to the suburban scarcity.

Rabbit Island Museum

On an isolated private island in Lake Superior, the proposed museum showcases the works of visiting artists of its international residency program.

Skylight House

Proposed for a private client, the beachfront property is a multifamily summer residence and art collection refuge.

SALPA school

Salpa School was awarded a purchase at the international design competition for a future school in Vantaa, Finland. Like a city within a city, the design merges the organic urbanism of the old town with the new geometric expansion plan.

Sculpted Block

The project proposed at an international architecture competition for the city of Lancy, Switzerland is conceived as a sculptural volume carved out of white concrete.