Flatiron Sky-Line

Flatiron Sky-Line, our installation of hammocks and white steel arches, has come to Manhattan as part of this year’s Flatiron Plaza Holiday Competition.

Table of Contents

Table of contents is a temporary bar and restaurant concept that introduces a DIY market gastronomy in a space abundant of intriguing textures, patterns and forms.


A competition proposal for the inagural Chicago Architecture Biennial, intended to be displayed in Millennium Park during the Biennial.

Open Stage

An urban market in Athens designed as an installation, framed around the basic conceptual idea of fostering interaction and discussion.

CarBone BikeRack

For the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, a bikerack was designed as a playful yet functional urban object. Resembling a sliced Volkswagen Beetle, the bikerack was to be placed at random parking spots around the city to comment on the car focused mentality in contemporary Greek culture.

NYC Heart

NYC HEART is a playful, fluid light sculpture proposed and shortlisted for New York’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration. The attraction was conceived to respond to the urban landscape and ephemerality of light and love.


LOT was asked to additionally design a pop-up shop and a champagne room for Guilty Beach Club in Mykonos, Greece. The two free-standing curvy pavilions are unique points of attraction and appear as surprising elements for the guests as architectural gems within the overall simplicity.

Gathering Table, Rabbit Island

For the Rabbit Island Artist Residency Program we have proposed and designed a multifunctional event table to be located within the forest and be used for the program’s interdisciplinary gatherings, meetings, workshops and other various events.