Colombian cafe destination DevociĆ³n opens its second location, a new space of industrial elegance, warm wooden tones and abundant greenery in Downtown Brooklyn.


Concept restaurant featuring select artworks from owner private collection, atmospheric lighting and intricate materiality.

Pazuzu Beach Club

Pazuzu is a newly completed open-air beach club on Corfu island, brought to introduce a calm beach experience balancing elegant architectural qualities, astonishing views, eclectic gastronomy and vibrant music.

Project Jura

Project Jura is a part of a boutique wilderness resort, consisting seven unique pavallions, designed as a part of an experimental participatory workshop.

Mykonos Beach Club

Nestled on the world-class island destination of Mykonos the Beach Club is a combination of a champagne bar, a private beach club, and a gourmet restaurant.

Bar Assembly

Envisioned as a communal pop-up restaurant at Biennale Interieur, the design serves as an enabler, provoking conversation, interaction, and community.