Ammouliani House – Halkidiki, Greece

Ammouliani House
Halkidiki, Greece

Ammouliani Island is a pristine nature tiny island twenty minutes off the coast of Mount Athos in northern Greece. Its untouched majority is covered by dense nature with only a few able to be reached by road and a small village with a significant number of year-round residents.

We have been commissioned to design and project manage the construction of four single-family homes on a breach front plot as an investment property for attracting an environment-sensitive traveler audience.

We have excavated the least possible in order to maintain the existing landscape and positioned the four units spaced out to each to have an undisturbed view to the sea over the building in the front while maintaining privacy.

An exposed foundation slab sits on the earth. A local stonewall plinth sits atop and houses the living area. An exposed concrete structure – a prismatic volume and a terrace deck – is placed above containing only one single dormitory room with flexible partitions to host a group of four.

The design minimizes the materials used to the ones available locally ad installed by local crews. Construction has distinct and independent construction phases by trade to minimize the interdependency of crews in this remote location: Foundation. Stonework. Concrete work. Systems and utility installations.

Each phase is at the same time the final finish giving a raw but detail refined material outcome.

An excavated channel at the back of the house extends the indoor living outside maximizing the livable space with an exterior bathroom and a kitchen.

Concrete pads are placed on the leveled ground to provide access from one side of the land plot that is accessible by car.

The rest of the landscape remains untouched, as found.


Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Anastasia Maggouta, Eirini Doumani, Zoi Eleutheriadi, Tania Tatsidou, Stathis Stylidis
Structural Engineer
Yannis Poulios
Private Client
450.000 euro
Total built area
Ammouliani Island, Halkidiki, Greece