Anatolia College – Thessaloniki, Greece

Ingle Hall Dormitories Extension
Thessaloniki, Greece

The starting point of the design of our intervention proposal is the respect for the built environment and the maintenance of the organization’s balance and living principles. A housing building extension should look like a home and be part of a whole, while having all the special features and distinguishing elements that befit a new building. At the same time, its’ organization and architecture must be based on the principle of equality between students.

The proposal is organized on the existing arrangement of rooms on both sides of a corridor. The proportions, dimensions, and size of openings of all the rooms remain exactly the same between old and new building, with organizational differences of improving nature, with the aim that both the exterior appearance and the interior organization imply a single whole with a concrete program.

The new intervention consists of two identical prism-shaped buildings, two “nests” that seem to have been placed gently on these intervention points, on either side of the central tiled roof of the boarding house, creating a consistent and continuous whole, a single boarding house building, while maintaining the distinction between old and new and creating new spaces for the whole complex’s benefit.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Zoi Eleftheriadi, Anastasia Maggouta, Manousos Kakouris
Total built area
3rd  Prize