Assemblage Kiosk

For the Chicago Architecture Biennale 2015
Chicago, USA

The Assemblage Kiosk is a transformable spatial experience through a changing perspective of the way one interacts with the architecture of the pavilion.
As part of the Chicago Architecture Biennale 2015, the kiosk will be activated to become a stage for cultural programs, throughout the duration of the Biennale.

Three individual kiosks coexist in a dynamic cluster, stripped down to the fundamental architectural elements – structural core, outer protection skin and inner finish layer – with the particularities of the spatial conditions of each pavilion, or combinations of any of the three, determining the possibilities of inhabitation, use and activation of the resulting space.

Each of the kiosks has a unique form and therefore a spatial quality and a visual presence of its own that results from it. It is when the three are brought together that the in-between space acquires physical status and the relationship among the three volumes may offer multiple possibilities of imagining various social situations, taking place within and outside of the cluster’s boundaries.
Various commercial layouts occupying the new footprint, or moments of abstract and pure architectural qualities being exposed within the surrounding natural or urban landscape.

A unique kiosk configuration is locked by grouping the three pavilions and holding them together by wrapping them with a uniquely each time shaped outer skin, like a piece of fabric draping over them thus caging them underneath.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Jin Xin
Chigago Architecture Biennale
Total built area