Beacons of Chinatown – Pavilion – New York

New York, USA

Chinatown is the greatest place of mixture and its cultural diversity is cultural wealth.
The life of the neighborhood occurs in its sidewalks: 24 hours of people moving, interacting, buying, selling, talking or visiting one of the largest Chinatowns in the world where, however, there is a significant lack of public open space.
Beacons of Chinatown identifies 7 sites in Chinatown as “hidden gems” that have the opportunity to become something else than just a door, but a place for gathering, hosting cultural events and artistic displays, which enhance street life and enrich leisure opportunities for residents and visitors.
The project is based on a 21st Century vision of the traditional Chinatown Gateway. The function, the form, and the meaning of the traditional Gate are studied and reduced to its basics and reinterpreted, focusing on the reality of the actual location and the life of the neighborhood and its population.

The design is based on the construction of a pure and simple element to achieve these two goals: a light concrete dome that covers triangle and is at the same time landmark and protection.
Under the dome the gingko trees are the symbol of a tradition preserved on their original position, integrated in a new urban landscape, taking advantage of the existent green space potential. The triangle establishes a physical, experiential and symbolic relationship with the nearby Columbus Park configuring a continuous green artery in the neighborhood.
The forest plays the main role during the day: a place for serenity and disconnection, to stop and meditate in the middle of the city. The elliptical opening in the shell brings natural light, defines and orients the space.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Vincent Meyer Madaus, Isabel Sarasa Mene
Lighting & Interactive Design
UVA, London, United Visual Artists
DOT, Chinatown BID
900.000 USD
Total built area