Blue Building – Brooklyn, USA

Private Townhouse
Brooklyn, USA

The Blue Building is a private townhouse located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The complete gut renovation of a centenary townhouse brings the opportunity to create a statement on a vibrant changing neighborhood. The monochromatic blue exterior responds with its own bold expression to the urban fabric. The color is inspired by the Studio’s design project Formations, a series of ultramarine blue playful seating-scaled elements that at the time of construction was first presented as an urban art installation.

The three storey building of 3000 sq ft total (300sq m) space area opens up to a private patio at the back of the lot that is intentionally left open built around an existing large magnolia tree. The light colored concrete patio is surrounded by a reflective corrugated surface that picks up all color changes throughout the passing of the day.

A blue perforated aluminum outdoor curtain isolates part of the outdoor space, creating an intimate environment with a sense of privacy as the lower floor of the building often hosts guests.

The interior has been completely renovated leaving only the bare structure of the existing building. Narrow black stained hardwood floor, bright white walls and exposed original brick elements give a loft-like feel and intensify the opened-up interior space volume.

At the top floor the tall ceiling of 11’ height creates an open living loft with large windows and skylights. Translucent, full-height polycarbonate panels open up to the few rooms, such as a children room and a study connecting them all in one space, maintaining visual continuity, brightness and sense of scale when shut.

Metal extrusions that frame the openings at the outside create depth between interior and exterior. Their inner side painted white reflects more bright light into the interior space and extends the interior outside.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Isabel Sarasa Mene
Structural Engineer
Angelos Georgopoulos PC
Mechanical Engineer
Tan Engineering PC
Total built area
3000 sq.ft.
Brian W. Ferry
Bushwick, Brooklyn