Budapest National Gallery – Hungary

Art Museum
Budapest, Hungary

A prominent landmark building for the city of Budapest, the museum building complex is conceptually conceived as a monolithic Park Pavilion whose design approach blends concepts of classical references with contemporary abstracts and architectural notions.
The museum complex ultimately acts as a “Gateway” to the City Park. The concave volume of the urban-facing elevation invites visitors and passers-by to approach and gather in the Urban Plaza. Grand volumetric openings evoke monumental gestures, and encourage the imagination to anticipate the spatial qualities of the interior.
The architectural concept presents a seemingly simple volumetric exterior that reveals a rich and spatially complex interior, with a variation of spatial experiences based upon the programmatic conditions. Its geometry stems from the most simple, economic and ergonomic form, a box. The box is then bent and molded into an embracing form reminiscent of classical architecture’s semi-circular formations.

Project Team

Leonidas Trampoukis, Laura Salazar
Phormin: DImitris Kalemis, Amir Shapiro
International Two stage competition – Liget Budapest
Total built area
Entry in open architecture competition