Cubic Housing – Thessaloniki, Greece

Suburban Housing
Thessaloniki, Greece

A real estate development firm undertook the challenging project to reinvent the suburban housing complex typology in a landscape that is dominated by conservative and repetitive identical housing typologies, by challenging preconceived notions of communal living and privacy and tackling on the restrictive Greek building regulations to turn restrictions into new creative possibilities.
LOT worked with simple cubic volumes and with three main materials: the white exterior walls, wood cladding for the recessed parts and light that reveals the architectural quality of the previous two.
The design initiated from an abstract gesture that was the guide to defining the volumetry during the design process.
Corner sections were removed from the cubic volumes to create outdoor spaces oriented in a way that are shaded by the volume itsself and without unnecessary additional shading devices.
By eliminating any structural columns at the corners the housing volumes acquire a sculptural aesthetic and the outdoor spaces are extended to the garden, offering unobstructed views and programmatic freedom to the users.


Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Tim Bade, Martin Cox, Jane Stageberg, Breta Bishop
Associate Architect
Bade Stageberg Cox Architecture, New York, Eleni Kourkouli
Lighting Design
MAP Studio, Artemis Papadatou
Structural Engineer
G. Papargyris –A. Kardoula & Associates
Mechanical Engineer
Andreadis – Hatzisavas & Associates
Andreadis Zissiadis SA
€ 7.500.000
Total built area
Awarded Best Project of the Years 2009-11 at DOMES International Review of Architecture Awards, Greece