Devocion Cafe Flatiron – New York

New York, USA

Devocion Flatiron is the 3rd location of the Colombian boutique coffee brand in New York.
The design stems form the architectural branding concept developed that creates an atmospheric consistency between the various café locations maintaining the brand identity, adapting to the contemporary realm of a New York City and its context, while seeing each location in a unique architectural approach each time.
Each location is different with recurring core brand elements, such as the greenery, the materiality and lighting atmosphere.
At Devocion Flatiron, the green wall or the lush island give their place to a handing circular hanging garden over the sun lit coffee bar that sits at the far back of an original landmarked brick walled building interior.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Vincent Meuer Madaus, Isabel Sarasa Mene
Lighting Design
MAP Studio, Artemis Papadatou
450.000 USD
Total built area
25east 20th st, New York