Drama House – Drama, Greece

Drama House
Drama, Greece

Drama, a small city in the northern part of Greece, with rough weather conditions and beautiful mountainous surroundings, has been the site of a new project from our office. We were commissioned to design the private home of a family living in the city, with regards to their taste and needs.

The whole has been envisioned as a rigid built solid, where the openings and exterior spaces function as holes and bumps on the stiff geometrical mass. The building’s thick walls and the framed views of the landscape around it strengthen this notion, while the universal appliance of a colored cement texture and the wooden window frames infuse a natural, down-to-earth element on the house’s presence.

The main house is centered around an inner yard, with the ground floor working as a more public space hosting the kitchen and the living room, and the first floor hosting the more private rooms of the family members. There is also an outside courtyard with a pool, a small pavilion, and a tennis court.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Anastasia Maggouta, Eirini Doumani, Michalis Fountedakis
Private Client
Total built area
Drama, Greece