Kea House – Cyclades, Greece

Summer Home
Island of Kea, Greece

A semi-undrground vacation house on the Island of Kea, off the coast of Attiki in Greece, is a composition of three distinct white washed volumes with carved out exterior spaces as an extension of the monastic interiors.
The visible volumes, strict geometric shapes, rectangle and arch appear in sharp contrast with the rocky and dry landscape and the site’s steep slope.
The main house is articulated at two non-connecting levels: an rectangular underground volume with a railroad-like array of four private rooms and another, semi-underground, hemicircular extension containing the living quarters.
The third, a linear long lap pool sits detached at the mountain cliff.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Anastasia Maggouta, Eirini Doumani
Private Client
400.000 euro
Total built area