Lancy Community Center – Switzerland

Public Building
Lancy, Switzerland

As a public building, La Maison de Quartier symbolizes culture, community, and security. The project is conceived as a sculptural volume that corresponds to stated building requirements and sensitively responds to its surroundings. A carved volume out of white concrete absorbs the routes of public movement allowing the unique form to surprise and intrigue the passer-by. The variety of levels and shapes of the overall structure enhance these moments of curiosity and invite the city’s residents to engage with their new public center.
The architecture invites the passers-by to enter, experience, and enjoy the building’s communal protected courtyard. The large curved wall with its generously sized opening frames the interior activity and act as a live billboard inviting the community to mingle and activate this new collective landmark for the city.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Brandon Maldonado
City of Lancy, Republic and Canton of Geneva
Total built area