Mayen Parking Building – Mayen, Germany

Public Parking Building
Mayen, Germany

The conception of the new building architecture lies upon 5 key parameters that simultaneously were the main areas of focus for the design:
Crating an efficient and by regulation open building to minimize the construction cost and follow the brief instructions.
Incorporating architectural rather thank technical and costly methods for reducing acoustic effects and car engine noise, for a parking building that is situated within a historic center.
Making a parking building, a building of a human and friendly scale, in line with the context and in respect to the neighborhood.
Compacting the parking building FAR to the most efficient size leaving the maximum area available for a future development that will support financially the success of the project and at the same time offer flexibility in potential development interest.
Give a contemporary and domestic design value to an utilitarian service building.

The main parking building is arranged in a split level slab system with cars moving from one volume to the other across a narrow open slot, visible at both façade ends that separates the building in two distinct volumes.
The remaining FAR is attributed to one or even two potential new developments to be built as separate and distinct third volume.
A large volume reveal is proposed between the parking building and the ideas section to separate the two different buildings and to create a consistent visual effect with the parking building.
The parking building volume is further split in two volumes with a reveal in between, that not only creates a microscale at the façade level but most importantly creates an organizational elements for the building operation and circulation, while signifying the building main pedestrian entrance.

Building and planning restrictions are being taken into account and used towards the strengthening of an architectural idea maintaining an efficient building.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eirini Doumani, Zoi Eleutheriadi
Partner Architect
Total built area
Invited architecture competition