Microapartment Building – Thessaloniki, Greece

Microapartment Building
Thessaloniki, Greece

On a narrow street in a dense urban network a slim and tall, nine-story new building is constructed with 24 microapartment units for transient residents young professionals and students.
Following strict regulations for building within the historical district and referencing local cultural and architectural elements such as the individual balconies and the bay window a dialogue through a contrast between the old and new with a bold monochromatic and sculpturally monolithic building maintaining the individuality and privacy of the units. A new building typology is invented enriching the city’s architectural landscape.

Each of the units measures 20-23sqm. And consists of a single space with an open kitchenette and an enclosed bathroom. All but a few units have openings across the building depth and have clear interior room shapes with tucked away build in elements such as closets, desk and storage elements.
Communal areas enrich the co-living type of building with facilities such as a compact gym, extra storage lock boxes, a private yard and a viewing roof terrace.


Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Tania Tastidou, Stathis Stylidis, Anastasia Maggouta, Eirini Doumani,
Structural Engineer
Papargyris – Kardoula & Associates
Mechanical Engineer
Andreadis – Chatzisavvas & Associates
Oikotrust aeda
800.000 euro
Total built area
Stefanos Tsakiris
Platonos st, 16, Thessaloniki, Greece