Reflective Lightbox – private collection building – Berlin, Germany

Art Gallery

Berlin, Germany


To house a private collection of contemporary art in the center of the city of Berlin, Germany we have proposed a scheme that uses simple geometry defining gestures to insert a contemporary building within a historic district, blending the context in a conceptual rather than integrated way.
A single sheet of stainless steel forms the facade that defines the gallery’s only two necessary elements: an access point and a natural light source. A gentle ramp that wraps around the ground floor administrative are leads to the mezzanine level where the one and only flexible exhibition space is located.
The all white, light washed interior is a multipurpose venue that can house a range of diverse media, from an exhibition of a selection of drawings from the private collection and an in-situ installation to a private reception and a classical concert.
During the day the warped facade reflects the busy street action and the building around. In the evening the lighting effect highlights the happenings inside and draw the attention of passers by into the funnel like entry point.
Our approach was that of a monolithic single material concept as strong as the collector’s ambition to establish a presence in the international contemporary art scene.

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