Table of Contents – Kortrijk, Belgium

2015, installation
Pop-up restaurant, Biennale INTERIEUR, Kortrijk, Belgium

“Table of contents” is a bar concept that introduces a DIY approach to the gastronomic experience of the biennale, while presenting a spatial experience rich of intriguing textures, patterns and forms.
Like an oasis amidst the vibrant and multi-voiced biennale hall, Table of contents is a calming force, an open but defined space where visitors will be able to escape under large tropical vegetation at a communal yet intimate environment. The food concept is presented through a reinterpreted collective market setting elevating emotions and aesthetics of a very familiar yet constantly re-invented everyday experience.

A marble camouflaged oversized counter incorporates seating areas, planters, cooking and display. Seating happens in planned and unplanned areas, inside geometric courtyard, at the perimeter of the oval shaped island or on the actual counter as the continuous stone surface creates a non directional 360 degrees facing communal island without a front or back as it is situated in the center of the fairgrounds.

Planned with the support of with Van Den Weghe natural stone.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti
Biennale Interieur
10.000 euro
Total built area