Tampere Art Museum – Finland

Museum Building
Tampere, Finland

Tampere’s Taidemuseon was demanding of a new typology of museum by building an extension at the adjacent park area, one that exhibits the portrayal of Tampere’s art exhibits to the city and aptly nests itself into the city’s urban tissue.
The green nature of the site with its park-like surroundings asks for a sensible integration of a new building, while matching the monumental and prestigious character of the existing facilities.
A pavilion in the park structure, that is openly inviting, yet treads lightly with its footprint and rather hovers over the current luscious gardens of the museum.
The new addition creates an interplay between inside and outside in a narrative exploration of the artworks. The square format of both the site and current museum building invites to mirror the square form and transform it into a modern pendant with advanced exhibition space qualities. The result is floating; a calming solid hovering over see-through and reflective space that extend the gardens to the inside and vise versa.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Vincent Meyer Madaus, Anastasia Maggouta, Eirini Doumani
Local Architect
Tuomas Raikamo
Tampereen Taidemuseon
Total built area
Entry in open architecture competition