Bamiyan Cultural Center – Afghanistan

Public Building
Bamiyan, Afghanistan

The new cultural center is conceived as an iconic landmark of bold presence, a contemporary acropolis for Bamiyan Valley, yet of conscious sensitivity towards the significance of the site, the importance of its program’s cohesiveness and articulation, the tactile indulgence and towards the spatial architectural qualities.

A strong conceptual gesture creates an urban environment within a condensed form, one that encloses life and endorses it. A network of bright interior streets and terraces unfolds along the modified slope of the site around detached volumes under a continuous tilted roof, thus physically connecting and equally activating the two different levels of the site.

In between, interior spaces offer a unique atmospheric experience, various conditions for contemplation and reflection as well as for joint activities and socializing, always maintaining an immediate relationship between the interior and the exterior, integrating views of the Valley.

Project Team
Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti, Jin Xin
UNESCO, Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan, the Republic of Korea
Total built area
Entry in open architecture competition